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Consistent, Regular Support for Youth

 Ages 15 to 24

The program is open to people 15 to 24 with Child Intervention Status through Children’s Services.

No Fees

Youth Transition to Adulthood is funded by Children’s Services. There are no costs associated with the program.

Meaningful Support

We understand that many participants deal with complex challenges and strive to give them personalized support.

McMan South - What to Expect

What to Expect

Youth are provided with consistent, regular support including activities both in and out of the home, in McMan offices, or in the community. Some of these activities are as follows:

  • School support and academic attainment

  • Employment preparation and attainment

  • Volunteering and community involvement opportunities

  • Life-skills programming (relationship building and social skills, emotional regulation, financial management, housing and tenancy, crisis management, personal hygiene, nutrition, cooking, laundry, cleaning, self-advocacy, etc.)

Youth Transition to Adulthood arranges accommodations for youth in need and helps them gain life skills to eventually live independently. 


The program brings participants through three phases: Phase I, Roommate Companion; Phase II, Independent Living; and Phase III, Independent Youth Support. The phases are fluid in nature to meet the complex and changing needs of youth in the program. 

Youth Transition to Adulthood (YTA)

Helping youth access shelter and live independently.

How to Access

the Program

Children’s Services Caseworkers refer youth to the YTA Steering Committee, who decide if the program is the right fit. The Program Supervisor will then assign the youth to a Youth Mentor within a maximum of five business days, when possible, to ensure youth have access to support in times of need. Participants graduate the program when they successfully achieve the goals identified in their service plan and no longer require support for independent living. 


McMan's core values of commitment, trust, respect, empathy, and genuineness are ingrained in each portion of service delivery.


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