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A Safe Drop-In Space for Youth

Ages 15 to 30

The program is open to youth aged 15 to 30 who don’t have Child Intervention Status with Children’s Services.

No Fees

The program is funded by a mixture of donations and initiatives. There are no costs associated with the program.

 Accessible Support

Youth come and go as they wish, and are always encouraged to get the most out of the drop-in setting.

McMan South - What to Expect

What to Expect

The main goal of Youth Drop-In is to offer a safe space for youth. Participants can access food, computers, and staff for support. 


The program is designed to work with high-risk populations to minimize long-term health issues and protect youth from the effects of toxic stress. It deals with many youth issues including poverty, homelessness and basic needs, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance use, attachment, anger, loss and grief, concurrent disorders, suicidal ideation and self-harm, adolescent development, social isolation, self-esteem, impulse control, and other barriers. 

McMan’s Youth Drop-In aims to satisfy the Seven Domains of Wellbeing (Safety, Lifelong Connections, Relationships, Physical Wellbeing, Sense of Belonging and Purpose, Cognitive Wellbeing, and Social and Emotional Wellbeing) and build resilience in youth. 


The program aims to create a space that fosters nurturing, responsive, and stable relationships as well as healthy interactions and experiences. Together, this shapes developing brains in positive ways and impacts behaviour and wellbeing for the better. 

Youth Drop-In

Building resilience in at-risk youth.

How to Access

the Program

Youth Drop In serves individuals between the ages of 15 and 30 with no Child Intervention Status with Children’s Services. Staff members determine eligibility as participants arrive. 


McMan's core values of commitment, trust, respect, empathy, and genuineness are ingrained in each portion of service delivery.


Want to learn more about Youth Drop-In?

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