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An Accessible Community-Based Program

Ages 7 to 17

The program is open to youth aged 7 to 13.

No Fees

This program is funded by the Ministry of Children’s Services. There are no costs associated with the program.

No Commitment

As involvement in the program is voluntary, the child or youth or family may choose to leave services at any time.

McMan South - What to Expect

Program Goals

The program aims to complete the following:

  • Social connections and supports: Children and families gain more social connections and are linked to culturally relevant supports. 

  • Caregiver capacity building: Parents and caregivers gain knowledge about parenting and child development. Parents and caregivers gain resiliency. 

  • Child development and wellbeing: Children experience healthy social and emotional development. Services are consistently available, aligned, effective, and accountable. Programs are delivered by competent and knowledgeable staff. 

Youth Development Spoke Services is programming for children and youth aged 7 to 17 that require skill building. The program assists in development, problem solving skills, and intellectual growth.

Family Resource Network Youth Development (Brooks)

Group sessions to help children and youth develop skills.

Additional Information

Youth Workers provide individual or group services based on the needs of the child/youth. Referral sources are schools and community agencies. If there is a referral that cannot be accepted due to the programming being full, or the group is in process the child/youth will be placed on a waitlist monitored by the Program Supervisor and will be provided the service at the next available time. To learn more, contact our Medicine Hat office at 403-527-1588 or email

Entrance Criteria

Exit criteria

As involvement in the program is voluntary, the child or youth or family at any time may choose to leave services. Planned exit will occur with goal and skill attainment. 
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