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  • Job Listing Template

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  • McMan South Region | About Our Non-Profit Organization

    Our staff are specialized professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience. We deliver consistent service quality, use funding efficiently, and plan programs for long term success. Our staff are creative with an innovative spirit; this helps solve problems and deliver superior outcomes because our culture allows rapid response to community needs. THE PEOPLE BEHIND IT ALL The Senior Leadership Team Tracie Mutschler, CPA, CA Executive Director Damon Van Ginneken Director of Services Janice Humphrey, CPA, CA Director of Finance Stephen Detrey, CPA, CMA Director of Business & Operations Kala Myer Director Kristin Krein Director Mike Prociw Director Teresa Hlady Secretary Chris Salek President Strategic Plan Code of Ethics Privacy Policy Organizational Chart South Region Board of Directors Partners Who Fund McMan South McMan Is proud to offer services free of charge to service participants, and this is only possible with the generosity of the following funders. Donate About McMan Helping children, youth and families who have diverse and complex needs in southern Alberta. We’re a non-profit organization with offices in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Brooks and Pincher Creek and we serve those communities and the surrounding area. McMan Youth, Family & Community Services Association of southern Alberta is an innovative organization that provides accessible social services for children, youth and families that have diverse and often complex needs. ​ McMan Accreditations: Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Land Acknowledgement We acknowledge that southern Alberta occupies unceded Indigenous land. We acknowledge that the Blackfoot Confederacy never surrendered their land in the signing of Treaty 7 but agreed to share it. We recognize and deeply appreciate Blackfoot peoples’ connection to this place. We acknowledge that we, as people living and benefiting on these lands, are accountable to the laws and protocols of the people who have cared for this land. It is our intention to continue learning how to honour this responsibility and relationship. Today, southern Alberta is home to a diverse population of Indigenous peoples, which now includes Metis Region 3, Inuit, and other Indigenous peoples. We recognize the contributions Indigenous peoples have made, both in shaping and strengthening this community in particular. In 1975, four graduates of Grant MacEwan College opened a group home in the inner city of Edmonton. With a vision to evoke change and contribute to the community, these individuals sought to provide support to young people who required care. This ambition ultimately resulted in the foundation of McMan Youth, Family, and Community Services Association as we know it today. Since then, the organization has evolved into a multi-regional body that serves the province of Alberta. We are McMan South and we serve Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Brooks, Pincher Creek, Redcliff, Bow Island, Taber, Coaldale, Fort MacLeod, and the surrounding areas. History Of McMan

  • McMan South | Contact Us | Pincher Creek

    Contact McMan South Pincher Creek Office 403-627-2015 753 Kettles Street Pincher Creek, AB First Name Last Name Email Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Phone

  • McMan South | Contact Us | Brooks

    Contact McMan South Brooks Office 403-794-1955 707 2 Ave E Brooks, AB First Name Last Name Email Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Phone

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