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 A Recovery Oriented, Strength-Based Program

Youth & Adults

The program is open to youth and adults who are involved in gang activity or at-risk of future gang affiliation.

No Fees

The program is funded by the Ministry of Justice. There are no costs associated with the program.

Meaningful Support

Our practice is recovery oriented, strength based, and participant focused.

McMan South - What to Expect

What to Expect

Participants may have a range of needs which will be accommodated by program staff. Services will be tailored to each individual and based on the following offerings:


  • In-person, ongoing support from a GECOS Coordinator

  • Support with setting goals and goal attainment

  • One-on-one life skill training

  • Increasing recovery capital through connecting to personal,  professional, and community supports

  • Access to a GECOS Coordinator 24/7 for support and information

People involved in gang activity face complicated challenges. Gang Exit Community Outreach Services (GECOS) is available across Southern Alberta and addresses needs through mentorship, teaching, peer support and community connections that empower participants to change their behaviors.

Gang Exit Community Outreach Services

Empowering individuals to leave gang environments behind.

How to Access

the Program

Individuals can access GECOS on their own, or they may be referred by someone else. 


McMan's core values of commitment, trust, respect, empathy, and genuineness are ingrained in each portion of service delivery. 


Want to learn more about Gang Exit Community Outreach Services?

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