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An Accessible Program to Keep Families Together

Ages 14 to 17

The program is open to youth aged 14 to 17

No Fees

This program is provided for no fee to participants. It is funded by the Ministry of Children’s Services.

No Commitment

Involvement in the program is voluntary, the youth or family may choose to leave services  at any time.

McMan South - What to Expect

Program Goals

Youth and their families may be experiencing conflict; lack skills related to parenting, daily living, or conflict resolution; socially isolated and require community connection; affected by addictions; struggling with poverty and familial stability; affected by trauma, grief, and loss; or lack education related to disabilities and/or mental health conditions present in the home. The program aims to help service participants through the following goals:


  • Children and families are more socially connected and linked to culturally relevant supports

  • Parents and caregivers gain knowledge about parenting and child development

  • Parents and caregivers gain resiliency

  • Children experience healthy social and emotional development

The Family Preservation Program is based on the principles of indigenous and multicultural experience, connection, collaboration, continuous improvement, strength-based perspective, family preservation, child development, trauma-informed services, and dealing with loss and grief. 

Family Preservation Program

Giving families and children supports and skills to thrive together

Additional Information

Referrals can come from any source. If the Family Preservation Worker’s caseload is at capacity, a waitlist will be maintained with referrals triaged based upon need. To learn more, contact our Lethbridge office at 403-328-2488 or email

Entrance Criteria

Exit criteria

Youth and families will exit the program in the following ways:
  • Youth and families complete formal programming offered, show an assessed growth of skills, and identify that they are ready for program exit.

  • Youth and families self-discharge from the program.

  • Youth and families are unreachable for a consecutive 45-day period.



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