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An Accessible Community-Based Program

For Families & Youth

The program helps families with children up to 17 years old and provides services to youth aged 6 to 24.

No Fees

The Collaborative Services program is funded by the Ministry of Children’s Services. There are no costs for participants.

Meaningful Support

McMan works closely with youth and families to ensure they find suitable transitions after leaving the program.

McMan South - What to Expect

What to Expect

Collaborative Services partners with cultural resources and agencies to ensure services are culturally informed and that children, youth, and families have access to culturally appropriate resources and expertise. Services provided include:


  • In-home family support

  • Child and youth work

  • Supervised family time

  • Transportation

How to Access

the Program

All referrals are received from the Ministry of Children’s Services. Involvement in all McMan Programs is voluntary; children, youth or families may choose to leave or refuse services. Participants finish the program when all their goals have been achieved.


McMan's core values of commitment, trust, respect, empathy, and genuineness are ingrained in each portion of service delivery.


Want to learn more about Collaborative Services?

Collaborative Services is a collection of services designed for families and youth that includes in-home family support, child and youth work, supervised family time, and transportation.

Services are available in Brooks and the surrounding areas including Duchess, Rosemary, Tilley, Rolling Hills, Rainer, Bassano, Cessford, Pollockville, County of Newell and Scandia.

Collaborative Services (Brooks)

A range of services to support families and youth.
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