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Work with McMan Youth, Family, and Community Services Association in southern Alberta.

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Want to join the team that’s making a difference in southern Alberta?


At McMan South, our experienced professionals support each other to ensure the best outcomes for both the communities we serve and the staff making it happen.

We Take Care of Our Own

In our most recent Staff Satisfaction Survey, 93% of respondents said that they were very satisfied working at McMan and that they would recommend McMan as a good place to work.


Working at McMan South, you can expect to receive benefits, flexibility, a collaborative environment, and a positive work life balance. We believe that by treating our employees well, they will feel empowered to help our service participants to the best of their ability.



“I can honestly say McMan is the best place I have worked, I am treated very well, and always allowed to have flexibility with my work schedule and input into programming.”

"The best thing that I like about working with McMan is how much they do for their clients and staff."

"Very few organizations/businesses give their employees the extra benefits that we presently receive. I am very appreciative and thankful to McMan!”

"I immediately noticed the teamwork environment at McMan and really love working somewhere that supports ideas and personal growth. There is also a high level of trust given to employees to do their jobs effectively in this supportive environment. I feel that I can approach anyone and talk to them about questions or concerns that I'm having."

"McMan cares about the well being of their staff. We are not just a number in a company."

"McMan is the best agency I have ever worked for in terms of supporting their staff. They value my work and respect the need to balance work and personal commitments."

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